Why You Should Consider Building A Catio For Your Cat.

As a cat owner, you want what's best for your feline friend. However, consistently providing what your cat needs to stay happy and healthy can be difficult. Cats are by nature outdoor creatures. For thousands of years, they've lived and thrived outside. As a result, they've developed certain biological needs that can only be satisfied by spending time outdoors. Perhaps you've noticed that your indoor cat loves sitting on the window sills staring outside. It is because they crave the sights, smells, sounds, and the general experience of being part of the natural world.

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However, as you might be aware, letting your cat roam freely outside, especially in a modern setting, can prove to be problematic for the cat (given the various safety and health risks they face outside), your neighbors, as well as birds and other small local animals that can be preyed on by cats. Consequently, many cat owners choose to relegate their pets to the indoors, which is not good for the health and wellness of felines. Fortunately, there is a way you can provide your cat with an outdoor experience while keeping her safe from the outdoor threats; by building a catio, or a patio for cats.

A catio is an outdoor enclosure, often attached to the main house, designed to keep cats safe as they play outside. So, why should you consider building a catio for your cat? Here are some of the key benefits of a catio:

A catio provides a safe outdoor area for your cat

It is estimated that over 5.5 million cats are hit and killed by cars each year in the US. These figures are nothing short of saddening. However, cars are not the only threat that cats roaming outside usually face. There is always the risk of getting lost, getting poisoned, suffering severe and fatal injuries from fights with other animals, and contracting diseases. With a catio, you won't have to deny your cat an outdoor experience due to safety and health concerns. Your cat will be able to safely enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, watch birds, and play in an open space.

A catio helps to protect birds and local small wildlife

No matter how cute or innocent your cat looks, don't forget that it is still a beast of prey and as a matter of fact, a highly successful one at that. Reports indicate that free-roaming cats kill over 2.4 billion birds and an astounding 12.3 billion small mammals annually. They are responsible for the extinction of a wide range of species. Catios help to keep the environment safe for birds and local small wildlife while still providing your cat a safe area to enjoy a little bit of everything that comes with the outdoor environment.

A catio helps to prevent feline boredom

Relegating your cat to the indoors can lead to a whole host of problems. First, they are bound to get bored. This boredom can ignite unwanted behaviors such as playing with things they are not supposed to, clawing at the furniture, and showing aggressive behavior towards other house pets. Secondly, they are likely to gain a lot of unnecessary weight as they sleep more and get less physical exercise.


A catio helps to maintain your cat's health and happiness

Cats require constant interaction as well as mental and physical stimulation to prevent stress and depression. This might explain why your cat seems to demand nonstop attention.
A catio provides enough enriching experiences for the cat to stay occupied, and less reliant on you for their mental needs.

A catio helps you to get rid of litter box odors

From a young age, cats know to instinctively use a litter box and hide their excreta. While this helps to minimize the mess in your home, the litter box can produce foul-smelling odors that fill your home. With a catio, you can put the litter box outside and avoid embarrassing moments when people come over.

As you can see, there many great benefits to building a catio for your cat. If you were already considering doing so, now you have more reasons to go ahead with the plan.

If you're inspired to build a catio, a variety of resources are available including DIY Catio Plans Catio Spaces.  Use promo code motherofbengals

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