Hi, I'm Venom. Welcome to my page. I will be a daddy for the first time in 2022!  I love cuddles and to smell my hooman's beard.  My favorite toy is Miso's favorite wand. People always tell me I am super friendly. I enjoy hide and seek a little too much!

My favorite food is Royal Canin and Nulo. Exercise is of utmost importance in my opinion. I take exercise and health seriously and run on my Ziggy Doo wheel everyday!

Thank you for visiting my page & providing support to my family and I.  

Have a fancastic day,
🐾 Venom
 Name:  Unleashing Venom FairySavage Mother of Bengals

Sire: Mango Martyn of SparklePride

Dam: CH. Amberheart Aleksa

Annual Echocardiogram 

Negative, no signs of HCM

(hypertrophic cardiomyopathy)

FIV/FELV Negative, not detected
PRA-b N/N (Not detected by Optimal Selection)
PKD N/N (Not detected by Optimal Selection)
HW/Stool Negative

2 glitter genes

Sepia Charcoal




Venom's CVCA Cardiac Care for Pets Documentation

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2023 HCM results:  



2022 HCM results: