Choosing a Toy for your Cat

The Best Toys To Buy For Your Cat

Being a cat owner is about more than making sure they eat and changing the litter box. It is your responsibility to make sure your kitty is thoroughly entertained. With all of the pet toys on the market, it can be difficult to decide which to buy. Here are some of the best options along with the reasons you should add them to your shopping cart.

Feather On A String

This may not seem like a great toy as far as you can see, but felines love these. The way the feathers flutter around makes them eager to grab on with delight. You should buy this because it will give you the opportunity to play with your kitty instead of watching them have fun from the sidelines.

Catnip Mice

There are numerous catnip toys on the market, but this one is great since it combines two things that cats love, rodents and the euphoria-inducing herb. As long as you buy a toy that is large and durable enough, you will not have to worry about choking hazards or having your cat destroy the toy before they have had the opportunity to really enjoy it. If you want to get in on the fun, you can always toss it around and watch your kitty run after it.

Teaser Wand

A teaser wand is similar to a feather on a string since it gives you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself when playing with your cat. This toy looks like a fishing rod and operates in a similar fashion. You toss the dangling piece, then reel it in as your kitty frolics and attempts to grab onto it.

Look for one of these that is made with wire since it is easy for fabric to snap and render it useless. Always put this toy away when you are done playing since wire lying around can be unsafe for pets.

Toy And Food Dispenser

If your cat is lazy and you are worried about them being out of shape, this is the perfect toy. This ball has holes that allow food and treats to be dispensed as your cat runs around playing with it. The more they play with it, the more food that will be given to them. You can roll this around if you want to have a bit of fun time with your kitty. Keep in mind that these are adjustable so you can change the difficulty in order to accommodate your cat's activity level.

Buying cat toys may sound like a simple task, but the number of options available can make the process rather daunting. The best way to get around this would be to buy the toys here. They will provide you will all that is needed for you to have quality time with your kitty and keep them entertained for hours.

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