Are you ready for a pet cat?

One thing most people know is that cats are considered far more independent than dogs. They often like to do things on their own, they do not need to go outside for walks, and they do not mind hiding out under a bed, behind the couch, or anywhere else in the home when they want privacy. Although cats tend to have that independent side about them, it does not mean that they do not require plenty of attention and care. Before becoming a cat owner, you need to make sure that you have the time and energy to take care of one.

Keeping Your Cat Fed and Healthy

If you are going to own a cat, you need to remember to provide the animal with enough food and water to get through the day. The water bowl needs to get filled regularly. If your cat is not drinking enough water, it could end up with an infection. It is ideal to feed the cat a mixture of both wet and dry food. Cats typically do not eat too much, so one can of cat food and a small bowl of dry kibble will often be enough for the animal each day.

Working on Litter-box Training

You are going to need to have some patience when it comes to training your cat to use the bathroom in the litter-box. While it depends on the age of the cat you are purchasing or adopting, the animal might not know how to use a litter-box right away. Never give up on the kitty and just remember that these things can take time.

Most cats get the hang of using the litter-box rather easily because they have that instinct to want to conceal their feces with something, such as the litter you are putting in the box. If you notice the cat does not like to go in the litter-box, there is a chance that the animal does not like the feel or smell of the litter you are currently using. You can always try a different type of litter to see if it will make a difference.

Providing Your Cat With Toys

Although they do know how to keep themselves entertained, you are going to need to provide your cat with plenty of toys to keep the animal occupied. There are a lot of great toys available for cats, including cat trees, yarn, squeaky mouse plush toys, and more.

You will have plenty of responsibilities if you decide to become a cat owner. These animals are independent, but they will still rely on you for food, water, and toys. You may even need to train the cat to use the litter-box. As a cat owner, you should also be prepared to bring the animal in for routine visits with a veterinarian at least once a year.

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