Should I get a litter robot?

At Mother of Bengals, we hate scooping litter.ย  There is nothing fouler than the smell of a dirty litter box ๐Ÿ“ฆ. We have multiple Bengals that love to eat our homemade raw cuisine, which means there is always an abundance of ๐Ÿ’ฉ waste to clean. We knew that with our busy schedules scooping litter daily wasnโ€™t feasible.ย  We invested in three litter robots.


The litter robot is visually appealing if you are a science fiction fan or techie. It looks like a round space ship or planetarium that you went to in grade school. A wide opening is inviting to your furry friend and will spark their curiosity. Every houseguest will mention that it looks like a Star Wars escape pod blasting off to flee the damaged and imminent doom of the mother ship.


The Litter-Robot looks simplistic and easy to implement out of the box ๐Ÿ“ฆ, but it is a thoughtfully constructed, complicated robotic machine.ย  Clumping Litter in a basin and a bag to catch waste a repository below.ย  Sensors detect the presence of your furry baby, and once they leave, a timer is triggered. The sensors also act as safety control pausing at any detection of a lingering cat in or outside the system. When the timer expires, the fun begins.ย  The Space Pod starts to rotate, and a filter parses out waste then deposits into the waste repository in a bag.ย  The clean litter is turned back into the basin now; you have a fresh scoop free litter box. The WIFI enabled version provides indicators and notices via an application. All versions have lights and signs that are easily deciphered by reading the manual.


Our Experience & Recommendation

At Mother of Bengals, we have three litter robots. Our experience is mostly positive. Our Bengals are naturally curious and find the litter robot fascinating.ย  It did not take long for them to become acclimated to the new litter robot space ship.ย  The smell of litter is prevalent but less than a typical litter box. We recommend changing the litter bag every two days, which is much easier than scooping. To keep costs down, buy cheaper thin litter bags that have a less environmental impact.ย  If you are tech-savvy go for the WIFI enabled version. The price is approximately $500 and worth it, in our opinion, especially if you have multiple cats.ย  Once a month, do a full clean of the space pod in and out to remove any accumulated debris. The stairs and accessories are not worth the cost. Often your kitties will jump to avoid the stairs so a litter mat should do the trick.

If your kitty is ready to blast off

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