Should I get a cat wheel?

An exercise wheel for a cat may be the best investment you can make for your furry friend.  It encourages exercise and improves your cat's health and extends their life.  A kitty wheel may also mitigate mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. High energy cats like Bengals and Savannas benefit greatly from a cat wheel. If your cat shows signs of boredom, obesity, or inactivity, a cat wheel may be the remedy.


Cat's naturally nap up to 16 hours a day or more.  In the wild, It allows them to conserve energy for intensive hunting sessions.  When they are active, it is important to allow them to use up all of the stored energy for good health and not just entertainment purposes. Cats are just like humans if they don't exercise; they are prone to disease and obesity.  It also may result in destructive behavior such as going outside of the litter box or destroying furniture.


Chances are you have seen a cat wheel on social media. There are a few things to consider when getting a wheel. A cat wheel is not for every cat. Don't get frustrated and expect them to take to running on a wheel. Encouraging playtime and using a cat toy will assist.


If you have multiple kitties, they will run on the same wheel simultaneously.  Though this is cute, it may be dangerous if a kitty is running at full speed, and another jumps on. Observing your furry family member while running on the wheel is important.  


All cat wheels are different. At Mother of Bengals, we highly recommend the Ferris Cat Wheel by Ziggy Doo. It is sturdy and made with high-quality materials.  It has a wide base for easier running and noise reduction design elements. When ordering your wheel, consider darker padding. If your kitty has a messy paw day, it will leave unsightly stains that are difficult to remove.

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In conclusion, a cat wheel, in addition to a healthy diet, playtime, and socialization, will help to improve your kitty's quality of life while entertaining you as well as your house guests. Taking precautionary measures will ensure that both you and your kitty are safe.

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