Why people love Bengal Cats?

When people select which feline companion they want to share their lives with they are looking for the perfect mix of personality, charisma and great looks. Fortunately, the Bengal Cat has all of these - and much more. The large size of the average Bengal may seem intimidating - they are after all descended from a cross between domestic cats and the Asian leopard cat - but those great looks, including the marbled and spotted conceal a cat that provides any owner with rewards that exceed those striking good looks.Β 

Owning a Bengal Cat is such a rewarding experience due in part to this breeds inquisitive and engaging nature. they are highly active and require owners to take extra care in providing them with the mental stimulation they crave. food-based toys and other ways to keep this cat from taking out its boredom on household furnishings are an absolute essential. however, a happy Bengal is the perfect companion. They are great family pets (they love children) and incredibly affectionate - and playful. their high level of intelligence also means that they take instruction easily - with some practice, it is not unusual for a Bengal Cat to enjoy the outdoor world at the end of a leash - unlike many other breeds.

The affectionate and sociable nature of this breed also makes them perfect for homes where there are other pets, in fact, many breeders suggest that when purchasing a Bengal the purchase of a companion is a great idea. that companionship keeps Bengal's entertained - which can be a full-time job for any owner. Another great personality trait that sets Bengals apart from other cat breeds is their absolute love of water. Many a Bengal owner has glanced down in the shower and seen those intelligent eyes peering back up. Keep an eye on your Bengal if you have a fishpond - they are incredibly dexterous - and no fish is safe from those paws.

Bengal Cats are also pretty low maintenance. Weekly brushing is enough to keep that magnificent coat looking its best. However, the true reward for nay owners is the simple joy of having their Bengal snuggle up against them when they are simply sitting on the couch. these are cats that are as devoted to their owners as those owners are to their feline friends. This is a cat that will reward love with equal affection.

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