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(Accepting Applications) Mother of Bengals Kitten Application

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Rhaya Litter  - Born 4/17/2020

 Kitten ID Type Gender
TBD Brown Male
TBD Brown Male
TBD Brown Male
TBD Brown Female
TBD Brown Female
TBD Brown Female
TBD Borwn Female


🐱 Reserved Kittens


Kitten Litter Type Birth Date
Uva Rhaeya Brown 1/15/2020
Brookes Rhaeya Brown 1/15/2020
Koosy Drama Brown 2/14/2020
Red Boy Drama Charcoal/Brown 2/14/2020
Onyx Boy Rhalessi Brown/Charcoal 2/17/2020
Purple Girl Rhaeya Brown 1/15/2020
Pink Girl Drama Brown/Charcoal 2/14/2020
Yellow Girl Drama Brown/Charcoal 2/14/2020


🧡 Application Process

  1. To apply, please complete an application by clicking the link below.

    Mother of Bengals Kitten Application

  2. Once approved, we will notify you of your approval via email.

  3. Complete the Mother of Bengals Kitten contract and submit a deposit.  Details will be provided.

  4. Choose/reserve your available kitten at any time on a 1st come basis once above #1-3 is complete.

  5. Sit back and enjoy pictures and videos of your kitty maturing.

  6. Your Bengal family member will be ready for pick-up at 14 - 16 weeks of age.

😻 Your Bengal Furry Family Member Includes:

  • Vet certified healthy kitten

  • Kitten welcome package: Food sampler, pet selfie stick, blanket,  toys, & harness

  • Kitten vaccinations to age, negative stool test, dewormer

  • Spayed / Neutered

  • FREE FIV/FLV Heartwork Test (Negative)
  • TICA pedigree registration

  • Parents negative genetic work-up (HCM, PkD, BPA, rdAC)

  • Microchip

  • 30 Days Free Insurance by Trupanion

  • Discounts to Mother of Bengals Cat Store

  • Ferris Cat wheel from Ziggy Doo Wheel Optional** 

 ** At Cost

🎖️ Discounts available

  • Active Military and Retired Veterans 10%, must provide copy of ID as proof

  • Multiple kitten discount 15% off additional kittens

 Compete a Kitten Application

Classy Ladies

Rhaegar (♠️ Cat Bond)


Arya (🎤 The Auto Tune Cat)


Drogo (🐾 Heavy Paw)

Khalessi (⚰️ Tomb Raider)




Rhaeya Kittens - Born January 15, 2020



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