Brushing Your Cat’s Teeth

Remember when your mom would remind you to brush your teeth twice a day? 🦷 You would listen, at least most of the time. Our parents knew it was important to health.

Your kitty needs healthy gums and teeth just like you! I’m sure you have been scolded by your Veterinarian on brushing their teeth just like your parents did. Start brushing their teeth early in age. Placing yummy paste will get them to enjoy the process. Massaging their teeth and gums will get them used to the contact.

Gum disease and decay may lead to major problems. Plus it’s just painful! We advise trying to brush their as often as once a day. Our lives are busy and sometimes it’s just not feasible.

Toys filled with mint and catnip may help activate your kitty’s natural instinct to chew. Nothing beats a good old fashion toothbrush.


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